Sverre Bjertnes

Sverre Bjertnes (1976) was educated at the Norwegian National Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo, for then to further develop his studies at AKI Academy of Fine Art in Enschede in Holland. During the most recent years, he has been rising as a star in Norway’s contemporary art scene, with a strong artistic identity.

He made his mark as a young figurative painter and drawer after attending the Norwegian “Nerderum School” as a teenager. Bjertnes’ paintings frequently display portraits, where a playful tone meets the images complex relationships. These perspectives have in the latest years formed a unique language. Each work is a new discovery equipped with its own codes and instruments, an exciting artistic style that both stays true to classical figuration, as well as experimenting with conceptualism. His works, Bjertnes states, are focused on the community between the works and the viewer as an aesthetic experience. This transition between styles have had a groundbreaking effect on Bjertnes’ oeuvre, where the focus is the exploration in itself, both arts own possibilities and of himself.

His first solo exhibition was at the Norwegian gallery Anarchist Fraction ran by Bjarne Melgaard in 2000, a natural starting point as the two artists has developed close affiliation, both personally and creatively. In 2011 Bjertnes was a part of the exhibition “After Shelley Duvall ‘72 (Frogs on the High Line)”, curated by Melgaard in Gallery Maccarone in New York. The exhibition got great reviews from the media, among them Roberta Smith ranged the exhibition as among the 10 best that year. They first worked together artistically at The Armory Show in New York that same year, which also got picked up by the same newspaper. In 2013 Bjertnes opened the exhibition “If you really loved me you would be able to admit that you’re ashamed of me”, arranged and curated by Melgaard at White Columns in New York. In 2017 Bjertnes was again featured in the New York Times with the article “What to See at New York’s Art Fairs This Week”.

Now Bjertnes works with painting, drawing, film, and wooden – and bronze sculptures. His variation in media has resulted in a maximalist type of curation, each exhibition is like entering another world, enhancing the aesthetic experience in focus. In January 2014, Bjertnes showed in a much-celebrated solo exhibition at the Oslo based museum Stenersen Museet, followed by his first solo exhibition at Galleri Brandstrup “Nå. Ingenting. To” in 2015 and “Det kollektive mennesket/ Minner om oss” in 2016. In 2018 Melgaard and Bjertnes has cooperated on two new exhibitions, shown at Galleri Brandstrup and Rod Bianco.

Bjertnes has done a number of public and private commissions, including Aller Media, NSB (Norwegian Railways), Cubera, Grieg International, Wahl Eiendom, Eføy Investering and Redningsselskapet.

Bjertnes has been represented by Galleri Brandstrup since 2014.

Utstillinger i Galleri Svae:
Sverre Bjertnes
Født 1976. Bor og arbeider i Oslo.


1989 -93 Elev av Tore Bjørn Skjølsvik
1993--94 Elev av Odd Nerdrum
1995--99 Statens kunstakademi Oslo, under prof. Arvid Pettesen og prof. Jan Sæther
2002--04 Masterstudiet ved Dutch Art Institute, Nederland



2017 Kunstverket Galleri, Oslo.
2017 Nervous fluid, Stenersenmuseet, Oslo.
2014 Cold Reading, Galleri K, Oslo.
2013 White Columns. New York
2013 Stenersenmuseet. Oslo
2012 Climate Confusian Assistance. Med Bjarne Melgaard. Galleri K, Oslo
2011 Art Brussels
2010 Happiness of Henry Darger. Galleri K. Oslo
2010 Gråmølna Trondheim Kunstmuseum
2010 VOLTA, New York, USA
2009 Galleri K, Oslo
2007 Haugar Vestfold Kunstmuseum, Tønsberg
2006 Galleri K, Oslo
2006 ”Peripeteia", Møre og Romsdal Kunstforening
2005 "Peripeteia", Trondheim Kunstforening, Trondheim
2005 "Inkognito", Blomqvist Kunsthandel, Oslo
2004 "Inkognito", Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Trondheim
2000 Norsk Anarkistisk Fraksjon


2013 Gamle Ormelet, Tjøme.
2012 ”Laying the ghost” med Bjarne Melgaard, Rod Bianco Gallery, Oslo
2012 Fresh Paint. Stenersenmuseet. Oslo
2011 After Shelley Duval '72 (Frogs on the High Line). Maccarone. New York
2011 62 SKRIK. Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium. Øvre Eiker.
2010 Sverre Bjertnes and Bjarne Melgaard, Gallery Rod Bianco, Copenhagen
2009 "Nachspiel / Vorspiel", Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, Øvre Eiker
2008 Basel Art SCOPE, Sveits
2007 Haugar Vestfold Kunstmuseum, Tønsberg
2006 Galleri K, Oslo
2006 Artforum Berlin, Galleri K, Tyskland
2005 Artforum Berlin, Galleri K, Tyskland
2004 Masterclass Exhibition, Amsterdam, Holland
2003 Nanjing Art Senter, Kina
2002 UKS, with Anders Eiebakke
2001 Galleri SE, Bergen,
2001 "Norske Bilder", Oslo,
2001 "Nekrologer", Ullensaker Kunstforening, Jessheim
2001 "Ideologia", Nordic Art Biennale
2000 "Nekrologer", med Unni Askeland og Morten Viskum, Drammen Kunstmuseum
2000 "Schpaa", Den Frie Forening, København, Danmark
2000 "Schpaa", Bergen Kunsthall
2000 Festspillene i Nord-Norge, Harstad
2000 Galleri No 5, Bergen Kunstforening
1999 "Avgansutstillingen", Stenersenmuseet, Oslo
1998 Galleri Ericsson, Stockholm ArtFair, Sverige
1997 Galleri Low, Atlanta, USA
1996 Statens Høstutstilling, Oslo
1995 "2x2x2", Henie-Onstad Kunstnersenter, Høvik
1994 Sødertälje Kunsthall, Sverige
1993 "I de dødes tradisjon", Blomqvist Kundsthandel, Oslo
1992 "Desemberutstillingen", Trondheim Kunstmusem



Blix-stipendet i 1999, Anders Jahres Pris for Yngre Kunstnere i 2005 og i 2008 ble han tildelt det første stipendet fra den nyopprettede Håkon Bleken-stiftelsen.